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2020 Workshops

Restore: Yoga Nidra Sound Journey

P.S Yoga [River Grove]: Sun. 3/8, 6:30-8:00pm

Experience a peaceful blend of Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing. Prepare for stillness with purification techniques, gentle joint movements, a few yin yoga postures, breath-work, mudras, bandhas, and a brief seated meditation. After these pre-practices, relax into Savasana to begin the guided meditation of Yoga Nidra. Enter a state of deep relaxation as you follow verbal cues while the sounds and vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls wash over you.


In the meditation of Yoga Nidra we are able to relax and soothe the physical body, bring harmony to the energy body by activating awareness and balance in each of the seven chakras, calm and clear tensions from the mental and emotional body, bring about clarity and an unbiased perspective on life, and elevate your connection with bliss. The result is a feeling of lightness and overall relaxation.


*Bring a journal to jot down any reflections after meditation.

Yoga + Live Music for the Earth

Ahimsa Yoga [LaGrange]: Sat. 2/15, 1:00-2:30pm

It’s time for us to come together, raise the collective consciousness, and support our planet. Climate Change is deeply affecting the Earth and the unfortunate truth is that human beings are heavily contributing to this rapidly escalating crisis. When high vibration beings come together to take action and spread the word, the impact that can take place is nothing short of magic. So join my husband Johnny Sweetgrass and I, for a 90 min. donation-based Yoga + Live Music class! All are welcome, come as you are!


All collected donations will go directly to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.), Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization. After a lot of research and being blessed with resources from a friend who has connections in Australia, I chose WIRES because I trust their work and know our funds will be going directly to rescuing and caring for as many sick, injured and orphaned native animals as possible. “In December WIRES 1300 line received over 20,000 calls and volunteers attended over 3,300 rescues.”


*Suggested Donation: $20 - but no donation will be turned away. Feel free to donate more if you have the means! Every penny counts! We will be collecting donations via cash, check, or through venmo. Let’s be the change and support those on the front lines!

Yin, Silence & Sound Healing

Ahimsa Yoga [LaGrange]: Fri. 1/24, 7:15-8:45pm

Enjoy a relaxing evening of yin yoga, meditative silence, live guitar with Johnny Sweetgrass, and a quartz crystal singing bowl sound journey during an extended savasana. All are welcome! Come as you are.


Yin Yoga is a gentle practice that works with compression and tension to strengthen and stretch the connective tissues in our bodies. In Yin, the intention is to completely relax into the postures so as to receive their benefits. 


Silence is a powerful meditation in and of itself. Silence allows us to be introspective and contemplative. Enjoy moments of silence while in yin postures and during the sound journey.


Sound Healing is a therapeutic modality that utilizes soothing ambient tones and vibrations to evoke a meditative state of deep relaxation. Our bodies are roughly 70% water. Sound and vibrations used in sound journeys are tuned to frequencies that are soothing and balancing for our physical and energy bodies, bringing harmony to our chakra system.

Price at door: $28/***$24 if you pre-register online

Ahimsa Members: $20

*Members are students enrolled in Ahimsa's Gold or Silver memberships, $30 First Week membership, Workstudy Students, or Ahimsa Teachers.

2020 Vision | Yoga & Sound Journey

Ahimsa Yoga [LaGrange]: Tues. 12/31, 9:15-10:45am

Celebrate the last day of 2019 in a special class with Cass intended to renew your view in preparation for the 2020 vision this New Year will bring us!


Together, we will move through an inspired, slow-moving, yin and vinyasa flow practice accompanied by meditations and journaling prompts to support you in shifting limiting narratives and patterns to dialogue and habits that elevate your soul. This class is an invitation to a new way of seeing life.


Integrate your new perspectives in savasana as you relax and release into a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Journey. Additional instruments may be used. All are welcome. Come as you are.


*Please bring a journal and a pen. 

Price: $17 drop-in or one class card punch

Free for Members

*Members are students enrolled in Ahimsa's Gold or Silver memberships, $30 First Week membership, Workstudy Students, or Ahimsa Teachers.

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