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intuitive tarot readings

What to Expect from a Session:

Tarot Readings begin with a discussion of your intentions for our time together. With this information, we will open space with a brief meditation to invite in support from your spirit guides. From here, we will begin to further discuss what is crossing you and causing you to seek support and guidance while shuffling the deck. After the querent (the person for whom the reading is for) shuffles the deck to put their energy into the cards a spread will be laid for us to read into.

Tarot readings reveal what needs to surface. They show you where you are going based on where you are at, and will shine light on your path and the influences presently crossing you. We will look into your present position, the immediate influence crossing you, what your goal or motive is, past lessons, future influence/s, the energy of your environment, your mental/emotional state and the overarching lesson or takeaway from your reading.


Oracle decks will be used after your tarot spread to affirm the wisdoms you've gained. We will work together through the process to intuitively channel the medicine the cards are sharing for your health and wellbeing. 

Tarot Readings are a helpful process to read into a situation that you are needing clarity on. Through the cards we are able to see where we've come from, what we're going through, and where we're going. 

Tarot and oracle cards awaken our intuitions and psychic capabilities. We are all born psychic, but as we age we begin to loose this ability due to outer influences telling us we're making it up, that we're childish, or that it is impossible. Media and society do a great job of blinding our inner sight.

Her mom and aunt passed down the gift of tarot to her as a pre-teen. This practice has been with ever since. She uses the cards as a portal to channel truth and clarity for herself and others.

The Benefits of Tarot:

  • mental and emotional clarity

  • space-holding to externally process

  • support with problem-solving

  • thought processing

  • strategy support

The Energy Exchange

My goal is to make self care services more attainable for people by offering them on a Sliding Scale.


I ask people to ponder 2 questions when considering what amount on the pricing scale best serves them:


1. What can you truly afford?

2. How much value does this session hold for you?


The Lowest Amount on on the scale is the lowest rate I can offer for my service while staying true to my value.


The Highest Amount on the scale is for those wishing to give extra support with the intention of helping my private practice thrive. 


Any Amount you select on the sliding scale is appreciated and appropriate. Thank you!

Intuitive Tarot Readings:

60-minute Readings:


Sliding Scale: $90 - $120


90-min. Readings:


Sliding Scale: $140 - $180


30-min. Sessions:

Sliding Scale: $50 - $80

Intuitive Tarot Talk:

This offering allows me to bring you the healing art of Tarot as described above via Facetime or WhatsApp.

60-minute Readings:


Sliding Scale: $90 - $120


30-min. Sessions:

Sliding Scale: $50 - $80

Private Group Readings:

60-min. Reading for 2 people:

(30 min. reading per person)

Sliding Scale: $50 pp - $80 pp

120-min. Reading for 2 people:

(1 hour reading per person)

Sliding Scale: $90 pp - $120 pp

120-min. Reading for 3 people:

(40 min. reading per person)


Sliding Scale: $40 pp - $70 pp

Intuitive Tarot Parties:

30-minute Tarot Readings for a

minimum of 4 people & a max of 8:


Sliding Scale: $40 pp - $60 pp 

At a minimum, tarot parties are a 2 hour commitment and at a maximum, a 4 hour commitment.

I would love to bring tarot readings to your special gathering!

Let's chat details. Email me below.

Private session, group session and party rates are subject to change based on travel, space rental fees, etc.

Travel Fee:

If I am traveling to your home, a travel fee ranging from $10 -$20 (dependent on how far a drive) may be added to the numbers you see above in order to compensate me for traveling costs and time spent traveling.

Space Rental Fee:

If our private session is not at my Home Studio in Brookfield, IL, a space rental fee may be added to the numbers you see above in order to cover the facility's fee. To my knowledge rental fees range between $15 and $30 per hour. 

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