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Support your health  and vitality with all or one of my self care services. I believe that healing is a personal path, unique to each individual. I address the whole person while providing intuitive care for my clients.

private yoga sessions

Private Yoga Sessions are a great way to start your yoga journey hyper aware of safe alignment in your unique body, and on the same token, private sessions can provide an experienced practitioner with the opportunity to dive deeper and explore more.

Yoga can translate as union with life. We work with yoga postures and breath-synchronized movements to bring re-alignment to the physical body, to clear energy, to connect with the magic of the breath, to tame the mind, process emotions, find clarity, choose joy, and to remember who we are; a soul having a human experience.

vibrational sound therapy

yoga nidra sound journeys

Vibration + Sound are present all around us. Humans have been experimenting with sound and vibration for healing, meditation and relaxation purposes for thousands of years.

The human body is give or take 80% water. Placing water in a sound bowl is a great way to visually see the effect theses therapeutic instruments have on our bodies. The sound waves cause a dynamic mandala-like pattern in every water molecule. This reaction is why this treatment is able to effectively move stagnant energy in our bodies. Through the vessel of the water within us, this non-invasive technique causes deep, penetrating ripples of vibration into our tissues and throughout our energy bodies - sending signals to our nervous system to relax and release tension.

Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation practice that draws fourth a state of inner Self, allowing us to feel the fullness of emptiness so as to free ourselves from earthly attachments. This practice allows us to shift our perspective to see from a place of love and compassion. 

In Yoga Nidra we start with pre-practices, then we move through the five koshas (the layers of the human experience), and we end with a few post practices. This ancient practice is traditionally three hours long. To accommodate a 60 min., 75 min. and 90 min. timeframe I honor each step in an abbreviated format.

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