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sound therapy

What to Expect from a Session:

Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions start with a discussion of your needs and the determination of what position you feel comfortable to receive in - prone, supine or a combination.

Next, you will assume the chosen position on the massage table and we will drop into a brief crystal bowl meditation to embody your intention.


The session will begin with a chime and a three bowl grounding technique using a handheld clear crystal singing bowl and two himalayan singing bowls. After this, surrender to the vibrations of himalayan singing bowls on the body. 


I use an intuitive combination of sound therapy instruments during this process including frosted quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to the chakras, the chao gong, and koshi chimes.

The session will conclude with a three bowl energizing technique to bring you back into the room using a handheld clear crystal singing bowl and two himalayan singing bowls. After your session we will discuss your experience. Leave feeling relaxed, taken care of and grounded in the hear and now.

Vibration + Sound are present all around us. Humans have been experimenting with sound and vibration for healing, meditation and relaxation purposes for thousands of years.

The human body is give or take 80% water. Placing water in a sound bowl is a great way to visually see the effect theses therapeutic instruments have on our bodies. The sound waves cause a dynamic mandala-like pattern in every water molecule. This reaction is why this treatment is able to effectively move stagnant energy in our bodies. Through the vessel of the water within us, this non-invasive technique causes deep, penetrating ripples of vibration into our tissues and throughout our energy bodies - sending signals to our nervous system to relax and release tension.

The Benefits of VST:

  • stress reduction

  • anxiety relief

  • mental and emotional clarity

  • soothing muscle aches and arthritis

  • activation of the parasympathetic nervous system

  • normalization of blood pressure

  • improved sleep

  • increased creativity

The Energy Exchange

My goal is to make self care services more attainable for people by offering them on a Sliding Scale.


I ask people to ponder 2 questions when considering what amount on the pricing scale best serves them:


1. What can you truly afford?

2. How much value does this session hold for you?


The Lowest Amount on on the scale is the lowest rate I can offer for my service while staying true to my value.


The Highest Amount on the scale is for those wishing to give extra support with the intention of helping my private practice thrive. 


Any Amount you select on the sliding scale is appreciated and appropriate. Thank you!

Vibrational Sound Therapy Session:

60-minute Sessions:

Sliding Scale: $90 - $120

75-minute Sessions:

Sliding Scale: $115 - $150

30-minute Sessions:

Sliding Scale: $50 - $80





Private session rates are subject to change

based on travel, space rental fees, etc.

Travel Fee:

If I am traveling to your home, a travel fee ranging from $10 -$20 (dependent on how far a drive) may be added to the numbers you see above in order to compensate me for traveling costs and time spent traveling.

Space Rental Fee:

If our private session is not at my Home Studio in Brookfield, IL, a space rental fee may be added to the numbers you see above in order to cover the facility's fee. To my knowledge rental fees range between $15 and $30 per hour. 

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