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The Yamas and the Niyamas are the first two limbs on the Eight Limb Path of Yoga as found in the ancient text the Yoga Sutras written by Patañjali in 400 CE. At this time, he synthesized and organized a variety of knowledge about yoga from older traditions to create what we now hold dearly as a comprehensive guide to support one's ability to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life. Inspired by these teachings, below are ten positive affirmations I created to embody the teachings of the Yamas and Niyamas. Enjoy!

The five Yamas focus on your behaviors and how you conduct yourself in life and The five Niyamas focus on taking care of yourself; body, mind, and spirit.

Positive affirmations can be used in the midst of everyday life, to set intentions, or as a meditation.

Try This 108 Mala Meditation:

1. Choose one of the Yama or Niyama affirmations that you would like to focus on and embody.

2. Hold the bead closest to the guru bead or if you are using a rosary hold the bead closest to the cross.

3. Inhale, recite the first sentence of the positive affirmation silently to yourself or out loud (whatever you prefer). Exhale, recite the second part.

4. Move on to the next bead and repeat step three.

5. Go around the entire mala or rosary (108 beads total) until you get to the guru bead or cross. Then pause in stillness and silence as you allow yourself to absorb the benefits of this practice. Surrender to the sacred silence, fully releasing the affirmation and have trust that the universe has heard what you are calling in.

More Ways to Embody these Positive Affirmations:

  • Write them down in a journal

  • Share them with others - by sharing we can better embody what we are learning

  • Write them on a post-it note or stationary and place in a spot you see everyday; i.e. fridge, mirror, car, etc.

  • Create your own positive affirmations based on this theme to make it your own

  • Repeat these affirmations to yourself when you feel that you are struggling to fully embody certain Yamas or Niyamas

May these seed thoughts support you on your journey.

Peace & Joy,

Cassandra Justine

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Awake - like the flowers in the Spring.

Witness your potential, passions, powers.

Ground into the soil of your God-given gifts.

Awoke - become who you have always been.

Blossom like the lotus - devoted, determined, resilient.

Free yourself of the darkness that dims your light.

Aware - allow all fear to clear.

Take action, let go, grow, change.

Trust in the creator that sent you here.


Breathe these words to embody this poem. Allow this message to seep deep within you, watering your Spring seeds, inspiring them to bloom.

Inhale, I am awake.

Exhale, I am aware.

Peace & Joy,

Cassandra Justine

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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

2019 has been proving to be a year of redirecting ourselves to our Self — capital S. We are being asked to honor our sovereignty and reestablish the importance of our relationship with our Self. What is this Self I speak of? It is you in your truest essence, you without any influences or expectations, you as unconditional love.

You could say that Self is your Soul or your Spirit. When we know our Self, love our Self, and honor our truth we can live life knowing that we are whole exactly as we are. We can accept the reality that we are souls having human experiences. We can surrender to the spontaneity of life with open arms knowing that when things don't unfold as we expect, the universe has our back and something else is waiting for us.

Take some time for your Self! Ponder, how do I like to show my Self love? And go do that! Private Yoga Sessions, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Yoga Nidra Sound Journeys, Tarot Readings, Reiki Energy Sessions, mindful events and workshops are a few ways I can bring more Self love into your world. Learn more about my services and let's chat. xo

​​​​​A Mudra Meditation for your Self:

Explore Shakti Mudra (pictured above) to harness you sacral creation energy. As you breathe in this mudra ask your Self - how do I share my love with the world? What does my soul wish to create? Allow thoughts of creativity to move through your mind. Release the mudra intuitively. You will know when it is time.

How to:

  • Press your pinky and ring fingertips together.

  • Fold your thumbs into your palms, at the roots of your pointer and middle fingers.

  • Then press the knuckles of your pointer and middle fingers together.

I like to hold this mudra near the pelvis so it is close to where the sacral chakra lives. Enjoy! xo

Peace & Joy,

Cassandra Justine

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