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Get the most out of our Teacher Training


Weekend Intensives:


  • Arrive Early. Give yourself time to settle into the space. The space will be available starting at 1:45pm on Fridays, 10:45am on Saturdays, and 5:45am on Sundays. We will start training promptly at 2pm on Fridays, 11am on Saturdays, and 6am on Sundays.

  • Sign-in at the front desk when you arrive for training. Attendance will be tracked through Heat Yoga’s database system.

  • Enter Quietly. Greet community in the foyer. Please silence or turn off your cell phones. (If you need your cell phone close by for family reasons, etc. please inform your teacher.) Step into silence as you enter the studio. Set your space and take time to settle in - read, journal, meditate, stretch, rest, etc.


  • Questions. If you have questions before getting started, please bring them to your teacher 10-15 minutes prior to the start of training. 


  • Meals: Bring dinner for Friday and lunch for Saturday and Sunday. Meals are 1-hour. We will resume training promptly at the end of the hour.


  • What to Bring: A water bottle, a journal/notebook, a pen,  an extra change of clothes and a shower towel if you’d like to shower and/or change after our opening practice.


Clear Mind Policy:


We want you to be you! We encourage you to arrive to weekend intensives with a clear mind by refraining from the use of any and all substances before sessions. We ask the following:


  • Alcohol: We know it’s the weekend, but please keep alcohol intake light the night before teacher training sessions. We need you well rested!


  • Caffeine/Sugar: Be mindful of your caffeine and sugar intake. No coffee jitters.


  • Honor System: We honor your ability to honor your body. If we find that you have been using substances before or during a teacher training session, you will be confronted and may be asked to leave the teacher training session that day.


Content Etiquette:


  • Google Drive: You will be granted viewer’s access to a private Google Drive with important information about the teacher training including: weekend intensive itineraries, suggested articles, a copy of these terms & policies, a due date checklist, and an overview of the following: homework assignments, book reports, thesis project, practice teaching, and apprenticeships. Please do not share or attempt to steal this content. Thank you for honoring the work that went into creating this program.


  • Manuals: Do not attempt to sell or steal content from your manuals.  This content is private and copywritten. Thank you for honoring the work that went into these manuals.


  • Overall: Please respect all copyrighted content received in our training.




  • Support: Cassandra and Beth have an open door policy. You may come to either of us at anytime with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to listen and help.


  • Tardiness: If you are running late notify Cassandra Justine via text messaging at 708-369-3375 as soon as you are aware of your potential tardiness. 


Missed Class:


In the event of a missed training class, trainees will be required to:


  • Complete all reading assignments and take notes.


  • Look over and take notes on any power points presented.


  • Complete homework and take-home quiz.


  • Write a 2-3 page paper reflecting on your comprehension on your studies.


  • Schedule a 30-min. phone call with Cass to share your reflections and to ask any questions on the covered content.


  • In the case that a student does not feel confident in their knowledge of said covered content, a one-hour private session per day missed must be scheduled with a qualified teacher at the rate of $100 per session. *Beth will help with private session scheduling.


  • No more than 14 hours of the training may be missed. Each missed class/day must be cleared with Cassandra and Beth.


  • If a trainee misses more than 14 hours of the weekend intensives due to extenuating circumstances a make-up work strategy will be discussed and agreed upon.


Completion of Coursework:


  • Trainees must complete all homework, quizzes, readings, and assignments on time. Please reference your due date checklist to assure that you are timely with coursework.


  • Please notify Cassandra and Beth if you will be late in submitting any coursework. Please note that your certification will be delayed until all coursework is completed and submitted. Thank you for respecting our deadlines and due dates.




  • Drop-out Policy:  If a student drops out of the training before weekend 1 of the weekend intensives, $1000 of your total tuition payment will be forfeited for loss registrations due to student’s enrollment. Once training begins, student is responsible for all tuition payments for loss registrations due to student’s enrollment. In the case of un-enrollment due to extenuating circumstances a written notice must be sent to Cassandra and Beth for review. 


  • Your Deposit is non-refundable.


  • Payments must be completed in full by the end of the teacher training program on May 17, 2020.

FREE Classes:


  • Enjoy FREE UNLIMITED YOGA at Heat Yoga Studios for the span of the teacher training, from October 18, 2019 - May 17, 2020. 


Be a Role Model in How you Hold Yourself:


  • Be respectful to fellow teacher trainees and teachers.


  • Take space, make space. - Leave room for others to be heard and avoid over-talking teachers during lecture.


  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others.


  • Constructive Criticism  - When offering constructive criticism please use the compliment sandwich strategy: share a compliment, then offer your constructive criticism, then close with an additional compliment. Please use this strategy for fellow trainees and teachers. *Our team will be using this strategy when providing constructive criticism as well.


  • Help us create a safe, positive and supportive environment by valuing the diversity of the opinions of people in the group. 


Take Care of your Body:


  • Honor your body. Do not push yourself past your edge or strain your body, risking injury. 


  • We do not expect all trainees to be able to do all of the asanas or modifications that we may teach. Please tailor your practice to best serve yourself, taking breaks if needed.


  • Your health and wellbeing, physically and mentally, are number one. Please communicate with us whenever you need if your health is at risk before, during, or after a teacher training session.

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